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Stripping & Waxing

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Our Different Services

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Strip and Wax:


Stripping a commercial floor means completely removing all of the old wax off your tiles before “re-finishing” or waxing them again.  You will know when it is time to strip and re-coat your floors by a few tell-tale signs (usually once a year with a program in place-twice a year for very high traffic situations with no program in place).  First and most obvious, the floors shine, or gloss has almost completely faded in most high traffic areas.  Next, you may also notice some yellowing of the old wax, especially under displays.  A third way to know if your floors are ready to be stripped right down to the factory tile and recoated is stains or scratches that will not come off with regular maintenance.

Deep Scrub and Overlay:


If you don't need a full strip and wax, a deep scrub and re-coat can provide a great result. It is a process where we scrub the first few coats of old wax off the commercial tile along with dirt and scratches using a neutral cleaning product and a less course scrubbing pad.  It is a more cost-effective method of maintaining your commercial tiles and also can be done usually in a small period of time. The caution here is that it must be done regularly (usually every three months). If you wait too long, then the floors must be stripped.

Spray Buffing and Burnishing:


Spray buffing is a process used to maintain the shine and durability of your commercial floors in between your other floor maintenance programs (stripping & scrubbing).  It involves spraying a wax like chemical on the floor (after it has been cleaned) and while using a buffing pad on a scrubbing machine, dry scrubbing the chemical into the floors.  This process will bring a shine back to any floor that has a maintenance program and that had a good base of wax (min three-four coats). You can also put a burnishing program in place. Similar to the spray buffing system, only this process is much quicker and does not require any chemical, only a good solid foundation of wax.


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