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10 Things NOT to do with/on a ladder...

Ladders can be crazy dangerous, that being said we use them every day in our business and lives. We take ladder safety VERY seriously here at Sarzash but we couldn't help but take a look at the following list and have a laugh as to how crazy and sometimes creative people get when it comes time to working at heights.

10. Working at heights can lead to a lack of oxygen to the brain.....but did the lack of oxygen cause this to happen? or is it just the lack of a brain?

9. Physics...Have you heard of it?

8. You'd better grow some feathers, and grow them fast!! Those Daisy Duke shorts won't cushion the fall.

7. If this guy never paid for a ladder safety course do you think he cheaped out on swimming lessons too?

6. Well at least they have the truck properly braced.

5. This guy engineered this contraption, what did he do with the ladder he must have used to get onto those buckets?

4. These guys got this!!

3. This guy seems to have gravity figured out. I smell Nobel?!?

2. Always wear high visibility vests. That is all…

1. Cirque du Soleil Painting Ltd.

0. (One more for good measure)... Now thats what I call a roof rack :-)

We hope you've enjoyed this little trip through danger-ville, Please, Please, PLEASE don't ever try any of these techniques at home or work. If you are interested in workplace safety and fall protection click here to find Alberta OH&S resources.

Safe ladder climbing.


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