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Mop Talk...appropriate mops for stripping and waxing floors.

Most people don't think much about mops and more specifically mop heads. A mop head is the most important tool whenever a professional custodian needs to approach their job. Whether you're simply cleaning up areas along the edges of a hallway that your auto scrubber could not get too, or undertaking a big stripping and waxing job, there are many styles, weights and materials these are made from.

"Slop Mop"

When stripping and waxing this mop head is used specifically for taking chemical or "product" out of a mop bucket without requiring a ringer whatsoever. Typically these mop heads are the heaviest one can find at 32 oz and made of cotton, the size lets the mop absorb as much product as possible for even distribution on any floor surface. The key here is to drop as much product onto your floor as required to keep it wet until you've had time to scrub the floor and then pick up the "slurry".

"Neutralizing Mop" or "Cleanup Mop"

Typically this is also a heavier cotton mop (24-32 oz), but this time requires to be rung out prior to use. Within the stripping and waxing process, once the floors have been slopped, scrubbed and the slurry has been cleaned up, it is always a good idea to go over every square foot that's been stripped with a "Cleanup/Neutralizing mop". It must stay in a bucket full of water thats also had a neutralizing agent added to it. This mop is dedicated to simply cleaning up any excess slurry that's been missed by the slurry vacuum or auto scrubber. This "Neutralizing" process ensures a PH neutral surface for you wax or finish to bond to properly.

"Wax Mop"

A "wax mop" is simply what the name suggests, a mop head used to distribute a coat of wax evenly upon an unfinished floor surface. Usually the final step to the stripping and waxing process. The important part here is to make sure the product is distributed evenly and consistently throughout the entire surface. A "Wax mop" is always synthetic, typically made of poly rayon or polyester. You can purchase these in closed loop or cut end configurations depending on what your personal preference is.

Happy Moping!! 😁


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